Performance testing with cloud computing
and other application performance and porting considerations

Application performance can impact revenue, customer satisfaction, employee productivity, data center efficiency and software and hardware licensing costs.

Cloud computing provides some unique advantages to performance testing. Learn how to benefit from those advantages in this whitepaper.

There is also an article on the uses of virtualization and how it can benefit performance testing. Also included are the benefits of using a checklist for software deployment. Some of the things the white paper discusses:

  • how the cloud is a game changer in the performance testing domain;
  • how best to use the cloud for performance testing;
  • what is virtualization and how it applies to performance testing;
  • how to use checklists as part of the deployment cycle.

If your organization does not have dedicated performance testing resources in house, you’ll benefit from reading this paper. Complete the form below to download your copy now. (All fields are required.)

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About Perforic
Perforic provides flexible, high quality and cost-effective enterprise application porting and performance testing services for software product companies and internal development organizations. Our team consists of seasoned veterans with vast experience in performance and porting issues .We have worked with companies of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500 companies - and have deep expertise in J2EE, .NET and database technologies in highly scalable, three-tier enterprise application environments. The company is based in Cambridge, MA and has 24 x 7 operations with locations and resources in the US and Asia. For more information, please visit