Perforic Performance & Porting Services and Tools

Perforic offers a comprehensive set of service offerings for porting and testing enterprise applications including:

We use proven methodology and tools and support all the leading application servers, databases and operating systems.

PPC (Perforic Program of Certificaton)

One of the biggest concerns for any business is uptime. A crashed site can have impact for the business both in terms of money and reputation. Our PPC (Perforic Program of Certificaton) program allows you peace of mind, knowing you have a team of experts who will back your web site and allow you to scale seamlessly.

PPC guarantees scalability and response times for your enterprise application. We look at your architecture, run performance tests on your product, recommend improvements and come up with an optimal set of performance indicators that you can expect in your environment with your current hardware configuration. We certify your application to be able to handle at least that volume in a production environment, as long as there are no major changes made to the application or the environment.

Capacity Planning

Perforic's Capacity Planning Methodology (CPM) helps you size your deployment environment with a great degree of accuracy. Our knowledge of your system performance allows us to extrapolate the numbers from a performance lab to the real world. We look for linear scalability when we tune your product and once that is achieved, we can predict with a high degree of confidence how the product will behave when deployed to a larger environment. We take the guess work out of capacity planning by basing our data on the behavior of your system. This saving in hardware costs is often substantial.

Our consultants work with your Marketing or Product Management teams to understand your customer base. We can help you arrive at the number of concurrent users you can expect based on total customers using our CPM toolset (that accounts for industry and adoption rates). Using those numbers, we can work with your services team to size the hardware that meets your particular customer needs.

Our CPM methodology has saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware and maintenance costs. Our aim is to ensure a system that is optimally busy.


Our porting team can help you port your application from your current environment to a new environment with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption. We not only reduce your development effort but also allows you to gain from our experience in porting. We can diagnose issues with your application when ported to a new environment and can propose solutions that are portable. This will reduce further costs for you when you port to newer platforms. Our consultants have worked on numerous multi-platform projects and know what to look for. Here are some of the kinds of porting we do:

  • Porting from primary J2EE server to other J2EE servers
  • Porting from primary database to other databases
  • Porting from primary operating system to other operating systems


The success of any performance related project relies a great deal on the application and use of proper tools. Our consultants have used tools ranging from free open source tools to expensive, commercial packages. Based on your buget and needs, we can work with you to select the appropriate tools to meet your performance needs. The selection of the tools only applies for on-site engagements. For hosted engagements, we provide the tools needed for the job. Here are just a few of the tools we have used in past engagements:

  • Java profiling - JProfiler, JProbe, OptimizeIt, EJP, JRat
  • Stress testing - LoadRunner, Empirix, SIPp, Java based homegrown tools to test non browser based apps, OpenSTA
  • Network anaysis - Network Probe, Observer
  • Database profiling - statspack, extensive set of homegrown SQL scripts
  • Operating system level profiling - top, prstat, vmstat, topas, perfmon, SiteScope


The following are the platforms we support and work with:

  • Application servers
           Weblogic, Websphere, Oracle Application Server, SunOne AppServer,JBoss
  • Databases
           Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, mySQL
  • Operating systems
           Solaris, AIX, Windows, Linux, HP-UX

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