About Us

Perforic is a services company specializing in porting and performance for enterprise applications. We help you focus on pure software development activities by offloading performance and porting concerns to us. We will handle the scalability aspects of your application and certify a solution that will guarantee full uptime for your customer web site. We can also certify your application against newer platforms with minimal involvement from your development team. We bring hundreds of hours of performance and porting certification experience to bear, having worked with some of the largest application vendors in certifying their solutions for enterprise wide deployments with user bases in the millions.

We will engage with you using our tested PnP (Porting and Performance) methodology to understand your needs and deliver the solution that is right for you. Our secure data center can help you avoid hardware acquisition and maintenance costs. This hosted solution offering can also help you optimize your hardware costs by understanding your application characteristics before investing in production hardware.

Our porting process methodology will help you gain from our experience with different hardware platforms by avoiding typical pitfalls. We can provide your development team with a best practices coding guide based on the platforms you are targeting. We can also work with your services organization to set up your clients with the optimal configuration based on their platform and hardware.

On the performance front, we will focus on three key areas of performance: scalability, availability and reliability. We will use the latest tools to identify performance bottlenecks and other weak points in your application. Our seasoned team will work with your development team to understand your product and highlight areas of improvement. Our goal is simple � to ensure you have an application that meets and exceeds your customer needs and helps you maintain a web site that provides 24x7 availability.

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